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My blog celebrated its 5th birthday this year, and what a busy year its been! Recently I was approached by Hotel Direct   (a UK-based hotel booking engine) asking if I’d be interested in featuring in their Edinburgh Twitter List. It’s great that companies like this are putting their and of […]

Hotel Direct Twitter List

2013 has been a wunderbar kind of year for The Silver Fox and I, having crammed in a significant number of ‘life events’ in the past 12 months; engagement, wedding, honeymoon, IVF and pregnancy all since 31st December 2012. Professionally I’ve seen through a massive refurbishment at work, and in […]

Pregnancy cravings – a true story

It’s been a regular sort of a saturday morning (walk the dog, drink tea, absorb the internet) which was shadowed by the urge to bake a cake. I think it’s the imminent arrival of winter. I’ve noticed that the blog definitely has a pattern, in that recipe posts from me […]

Treats at Turnberry and long time no bake!

From the February 2012 edition of Bite Magazine. ¡Hola! This month, to tie in with this meaty issue of Bite, Gourmet Girl’s been hunting down chorizo and other Iberian delicacies. Following  recent trip to Barcelona, it’s quickly apparent that the Spanish have a love of pork products. Whilst factory-technology has […]

Gourmet Girl goes to Barcelona

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2012 started with a wonderful trip to sunny Barcelona with my dear sister Sarah. Had I done the requisite homework investigation into places to go for food and drinks? Was the trip going to be a non-stop tour of the sights, flavours and libations that the good capital of Catalunya […]

Dry Martini, Barcelona.

I was going to write a ‘best and worst’ from 2011, and then decided against it. Negativity isn’t a good way to end what has been an amazing year, including a re-launch of the blog in July.  I’ve eaten wonderful fresh produce, sexy duck confit and sleazy poutine in Quebec […]

Good stuff from 2011

This column appears in the December edition of Bite Magazine. Bonjour Biters! As you’ll have gathered, GG is just back from a weekend in Paris.  The city of lights, love and luscious edibles was as exciting as ever. The Silver Fox took in the grands boulevards for the first time, […]

Gourmet Girl goes to Paris

Ah, it’s been a lovely few weeks with a near rain-shower free April, lots short work weeks and super-long weekends. Mum and I headed down East-Lothian way last weekend for a some sunday drivin’, not quite arriving at our unknown destination, but stopping in Gullane and Dirleton nevertheless.  Gullane was […]

A jaunt down East Lothian way

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It’s a rainy morning here in Edinburgh, and most of Europe is currently stuck in the midst of Volcano-related travel disruptions. Nothing coming in, nothing going out. Unless you count the actual Volcano itself, which seems to be spewing unabatedly. I got back from Bahrain two Sunday mornings ago, and […]

The girls go to the Gulf! Part One – Bahrain