It’s been a regular sort of a saturday morning (walk the dog, drink tea, absorb the internet) which was shadowed by the urge to bake a cake. I think it’s the imminent arrival of winter. I’ve noticed that the blog definitely has a pattern, in that recipe posts from me […]

Treats at Turnberry and long time no bake!

Our new kitchen is finally finito! Time for the Silver Fox and I to celebrate with our inaugural Pizza Night. The principal aims were: a) To see if we could make a mean super-crispy pizza, because I HATE soggy pizza & b) To see how good these pizzas would be using only […]

Pizza Night!

Everyone loves cakes, right? It is almost certain that if I’m coming to your party, I’ll probably be bringing cakes along with me. My buddy Louise & Peter were throwing a ‘do’ to celebrate their recent engagement and I thought something ‘love’ themed would be apt. I threw the debate […]

Cakes for Louise & Peter’s engagement party

I am a happy girl. Asparagus season is coming up! I jumped the gun about 10 days ago and snapped up a pack from Tesco that was from Herefordshire, but I know that with a bit of patience, the Scottish stuff will be here soon enough. Ingredients on the ‘plate […]

Plate of joy – it’s asparagus time!

It’s been a busy couple of months lately; the garden has taken control of much of my brain patterning, as has doing more writing and trying to maintain a decent level of exercise. Add in the requisite number of movies, a cute dug that likes her walks, plus eating out […]

My spaghetti alla carbonara – an easy treat!