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Harvey Nichols’ Foodmarket, with their brilliantly curated selection of foodstuffs, has been a favourite since they first opened. From one angle, they satisfy the simple food-lover’s requirement for things like good cheese, bread and olives. Satisfying the ‘want but not necessarily need’ angle, you might find yourself staring at something […]

Gourmet Girl goes to Harvey Nichols’ Foodmarket

As far as awesome job titles go, I think ‘Chocolatier’ sits pretty highly on the fantasy list. Whether it invokes thoughts of working as a maverick Wonka-esque character, or as a precise traditional artisan, the thought of spending your days enrobed in chocolate sounds pretty tempting. Well, Edward & Irwyn […]

Gourmet Girl meets Edward & Irwyn

I hope that the new year has started off well for all and that you’re looking forward to a delicious (lucky!) year ahead. This month, we’re taking a trip outside of the ‘burgh, down the gorgeous East Lothian coast to Dunbar. A food-lover’s revolution has quietly but assuredly been gaining […]

Gourmet Girl Visits The Bakery, Dunbar

We’re halfway through the year, and I can’t be the only person who’s nervously feeling a little body-image conscious about this being heralded as ‘The Year for British Sport’. London 2012 (TM/Copyright etc etc) is about to launch the nation into fully-fledged sports mania. As sofa-glued spectators, that is, rather than actual athletes. I began 2012 with intention of trimming down, really showing my food-writer’s belly what’s what. With expertise and motivational support from Personal Trainer Tracy Griffen, I’ve managed to find my running legs again after a year’s break. New trainers and the challenge of running another 10k in the autumn have helped burn off some of the calories. I also started the year with the express intention of giving up biscuits during my working day, as frankly, the shortbread habit was getting out of control. ‘Graze’ boxes are now de rigueur, and I enjoy snacking on the various assorted seeds, nuts and dried fruit. So the legs are getting in shape, I’ve managed to switch one snacking habit for another, yet thanks to my enthusiastic food-centric lifestyle, this belly still persists. Gardening is touted to be good exercise, so taking care of our not inconsiderably-sized back patch (whilst technically not ‘sport’) must be good for me. Then the reward will be the dragging out of the BBQ for bangers and a beer. I haven’t even mentioned the mid-afternoon ice cream break. In this year of Rule Britannia, The Times’ columnist Caitlin Moran suggested the motto for The Queen’s Jubilee was ‘Get drunk and eat cakes’. The upcoming Games have put the marketing gurus into hyperdrive with endorsements which seem to include multi-national soft drinks and fast food brands. The next motto could very well be ‘Drink cola and eat a cheeseburger’. Not particularly sports-friendly. My suggestion would be to keep it local and promote that most British of dining institutions. That’s right, Fish ‘n’ Chips. So this summer, as the world’s top athletes prepare themselves for the competition of their lives, you’ll find me in my pounding the pavement along the shore. On my way to the legendary Pierino’s for a suitably patriotic supper of haddock, fluffy chips smothered in salt’n’sauce, and a can of Irn Bru.

Gourmet Girl…on the run!

Considering myself to be an ‘adopted’ Leither, it’s always a joy when Bite comes round our way. In fact Gourmet Girl’s first ever outing for this very mag was a meander around some of Leith’s finest food shops. This month’s outing takes us a little further along the shore, to […]

Gourmet Girl goes to Newhaven for Bite

Being the first person in a bakery before it opens for the morning’s business is quite exciting. The heat, the hypnotic sound of K-mixes finishing off the last batches, trays being moved from the ovens to cooling racks, shelves and window displays filling up ahead of the day’s customers. And […]

Gourmet Girl goes to Bakery Andante

From the February 2012 edition of Bite Magazine. ¡Hola! This month, to tie in with this meaty issue of Bite, Gourmet Girl’s been hunting down chorizo and other Iberian delicacies. Following  recent trip to Barcelona, it’s quickly apparent that the Spanish have a love of pork products. Whilst factory-technology has […]

Gourmet Girl goes to Barcelona