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Burger time! The humble patty seems to having something of a ‘moment’ of late. It’s all about using good meat, finding the ultimate bun and keeping the diner’s interest with a range of high-end accoutrements. We want juicy burgers ,beef served medium rare and well seasoned. If you can back that up with some gourmet-slash-sleazy side dishes and a wicked selection of small-brewer beers, you’re on to a winner. When Burger Meats Bun opened in Glasgow last summer, owners James & Ben evidently cracked this formula, and received a universal vote of ‘yum’ from the get-go.

Twelve months later, and us ‘burgers have our very own BMB on Forth Street. I’d ‘bigged this place up’ since I’d visited West-side, and was excited about trying BMBMK2. Accompanied by my dining companion Claire (aka Chef’s Missus), we hit the menu good-style; endless kitchen roll on hand in case it got messy.

Armed with a couple of brews served up in frosty mugs, we started the feast by sharing an order of the famous BMB ‘MacNuggets’ to start.  Deep fried chunks of macaroni cheese with a golden crunch of panko crumbs and served with a smokey-sweet chipotle uber-ketchup. What’s not to love?

As for the main event, despite a special with braised pork belly on offer – tempting – we kept to the classics. For me, ‘The Big Cheese’ (£7.50).a juicy specimen sitting in its  pillowy brioche bun with Barwhey’s strong cheddar-style cheese, leaves of little gem and home-made pickles. Chef’s Missus (with equal parts elegance and gusto) chomped her way through the ‘Smokin’ Bacon’ (£8), featuring BMB’s house-cured & smoked rashers. A side of Thai chili cheese fries topped with scallions and red chillies was off the scale both calorie and spicy flavour-wise. The only negative from me was the slightly too heavy on the onions house slaw. No biggie.

The dessert menu is conveniently short, featuring two items. which we  valiantly  decided to order for the purpose of a thorough review. ‘Burger & Shake’ is a dinky little macaron with chocolate ganache dressed up like a toy burger and served with a mini strawberry milshkake.  The sugar rolled doughnuts with dark dipping sauce  were  equally good, like an American diner version of churros.

Like the bop-along soundtrack on the stereo the night we visited, Burger Meats Bun is all killer, no filler!


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