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Just a quickie here, mainly to show off some nice photos of afternoon tea in the sun! I had a birthday gift voucher to use up, so planned a little get-together in the toon for my now Dunbar-residing mum and I. One of the sunniest days this summer meant an al fresco afternoon treat!

Eteaket is a fantastic little independent tea boutique and cakerie on Frederick Street, and seriously, if  you love your teas, this is the spot for you. My usual favourite is the Blooming Marvellous, a green tea with mallow, vanilla, rosebuds and other petals. It’s pretty special! This time, I went classic with the darjeeling, always so refreshing, and mum chose the more funky pu’er which is a strangely musky flavoured tea made with fermented leaves. Not my, er, cuppa that one, but mum likes it! Tea is served in lovely crockery with appropriate timers and expert instructions for how long the leaves should be left to infuse.

The sandwiches were so good that I sort of want to shout out to everyone in Edinburgh and yell, hey, Eteaket make (possibly) the best sandwich in the city. Bread was exceptional, a wholemeal loaf with an ultra crusty crust, I had pesto chicken, mum had lovely dry and thickly sliced ham with cheese and chutney. Both served with a proper little side salad garnish with beetroots, peppers, tomato and cucumber.

The cakey-side of things weren’t quite as exemplary but nice nonetheless. Scones were softer than I like them to be  but the fact they came with clotted cream and jam sort of made up for the lack of crumbly-ness. The selection of mini patisserie weren’t the most exciting I’ve seen. A little tart au citron, walnut brownies and the highlight, a little glazed cake with a frangipane filling.  Sadly not as fancy-pants as I’d expected but all fresh nonetheless. Their whole cakes displayed on the counter which are served by the slice all looked more exciting than the mini-versions provided with the afternoon tea, but maybe it had been a busy day and the choice was limited.

Anyway, a lovely hour or so was spent munching and slurping our way through the lot!

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