Wannaburger? Yes!

This review appears in February’s edition of Bite Magazine.

If the teenage version of me could have had a ‘dream restaurant’, then the blueprint might have looked a lot like Wannaburger. It’s the ultimate 21st-century diner offering modern gloss, a pop soundtrack and relaxed vibe. The dining concept is ‘ Americana retro’ with freshly grilled burgers, hot-dogs and drinks like coke floats. If you’re looking for inexpensive fast food without the guilt-trip of dodgy ingredients and mountains of polystyrene, this is the place for you.


Mamma ‘carnivore’ and I went along on a Saturday evening and took a seat at one of the booths. Decisions were quickly and easily made, based on this month’s meaty-themed issue of Bite. In other words, no veggie burgers! After ordering at the till, I was handed a pager (Tagline: If I’m shakin’, your burger’s waitin’) and returned less than five minutes later to collect our feast.

First for tasting was the char-grilled bacon cheeseburger (£3.95) sandwiched in a soft bun and pimped with sliced pickles and flavoursome tomatoes. The meat patty of Scotch beef had good seasoning and overall the burger was the perfect manageable size. The poultry option was a grilled whole free-range chicken breast fillet (£5.95) with tender lettuce leaves and mayo. Tastier and infinitely healthier than your average ‘mystery-meat’ breaded chicken burger.


Not fearing for our meat-credits for the week, we also shared a Bavarian Smokie (£3.95). A Traditional smoked sausage; it was piled with oodles of sauerkraut on top. I thought the dog’s bun was a bit oversized, but it’s a tiny gripe. We took advantage of the offer of free accompaniments, and chose the house relish made with fresh tomatoes, onions and with spicy little zip. It was perfect for dunking the battered onion rings and crispy fries into.


The drinks deserve a mention too, as where else in Edinburgh can you team your dream burger up with a can of authentic A&W Root Beer, a pint of organic Black Isle Brewery Pale Ale (only £3.50), or an Elvis-worthy peanut butter and banana milkshake?

Did we manage to resist finishing with a TKO of a sundae with rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce and brownie chunks? Not likely. My teenage self would never have forgiven me.

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